About Counsellor-Jo

Being with nature my happy place.

I believe in helping humans become themselves. I have lived! I know what it’s like to need to find something.

Without knowing what I really needed, I added a lot of unhelpful coping strategies and people. Some time ago, I started my quest; I set out to be ME. My path to become me was long and winding, much like any human, even you.

Contact information



  • Foundation degree of Arts in Counselling Advanced Certificate in
  • Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision (in training)
  • Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling studies
  • Certificate In Awareness of Mental Health Problems
  • Certificate Counselling Skills

Counselling style

I practice in a Client-Centred way offering human-to-human contact with a high level of empathy without judgment. Therapy works when you find a trusted person and build a relationship where you can truly say how you feel and share your own life experiences. I am a Pluralistic Counsellor working with differing forms of therapy and models of human experiences. Therefore, I talk clients through differing therapeutic approach’s so I can tailor therapy to individuals. Anxiety, for example, can become too high for many people. As anxiety can be caused by relationship stressors, financial stressors, employment or school stress, grief/loss, health issues and internal thinking, this is not an exhaustive list. As the reasons for high anxiety are so varied, and there is uniqueness among people, I believe it is important to tailor my counselling support to the individual.

I work with individuals on a one-to-one basis via Video link or Telephone. I hold qualifications in working with adults and young people aged 11-years plus. 


I have provided Counselling in differing settings; these include:

An Addiction Centre where I supported individuals in understanding their journey into addiction and helped them foster self-understanding and forgiveness. 

Basildon Mind in this role, I provided psychological support for the local community, helping clients understand their internal discomforts and interpersonal/relationship dynamics. Helping people with anxiety and depression. 

My Local Hospice, within the Hospice I, Counselled individuals who have been bereaved, helping them understand their grief journey after the death of a loved one. I also supported people facing a life-limiting diagnosis and provided Counselling to families losing a loved one to a terminal illness.

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