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Visit me at my counselling room in Wickford near Shotgate. Which is within easy reach of; Billericay, Rayleigh, Basildon, Battlesbridge and South Woodham Ferrers.

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Are you overwhelmed by a relationship issue?

Are you experiencing a whirring of your mind and don’t know how to stop it? It can be anxiety-provoking not to know what the next step is. In counselling, we can look at the different parts of your personality and seek to strengthen your core self. Within therapy, we go on a quest to truly understand you, strengthen your connection to yourself and centre you. Having a stronger base can help with relationships as you can get off the merry-go-round of uncertainty. Is it me, or is it them, or if I try harder, this will work.

Together we can talk through ways you can move forward. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, then therapy can help. Please get in touch if you would like me to come on this part of your life’s journey with you. You can click the link to contact me at the top of this page. The link will take you to my contact page, where you can view my fees and availability. Once I have your details, I will contact you, and we can discuss a short free meet and greet where you can ask me any questions that you may have.

Iā€™d like to acknowledge that looking for a counsellor may feel challenging and congratulate you on taking the first step.

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

Please, try my free Grounding tool for Anxiety at the bottom of this page, and let me know what you think.

Why we become overwhelmed Us humans tend to live in the future, always thinking about the next step and how much we need to get done. Living in the future and worrying about all the possible outcomes and what can go wrong leads us to become overwhelmed and anxious.

If you think about it, the future is unmanageable as there are too many variables. All the what-ifs can weigh down on us. As we become overwhelmed and anxious, we forget how capable we really are. Our mind has been flooded with all the what-ifs, and we can feel panicked, making us feel less capable than we actually are.

With tools we can reduce our own Anxiety If we can centre ourselves and bring ourselves back to the here and now, we can manage life again. We are effective in the here and now. Grounded in the here and now we can see what our next step is.

Free Grounding tool for anxiety A simple way of grounding yourself in the here and now is called the 5-4-3-2-1 technique. As the technique uses all your senses, you become a whole being again instead of living in you head with all the what-ifs. In the here and now you are just taking the next step.

Human-2-Human Counselling

Free anxiety easing tool- called the 54321 technique

If you are finding the next step anxiety-provoking, I have added a grounding tool for you to try. The free anxiety easing tool can be used whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. As your counsellor, I will offer these types of tools to help you manage when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. If you want to know more about my counselling style, please click the counselling link at the top of the page.